The Mercey Brothers

The Mercey Brothers

The Mercey Brothers

Inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 1989.

Birth: (Larry Mercey) December 12, 1939 – Hanover, Ontario (Lloyd Mercey) December 12, 1945 – Hanover, Ontario (Ray Mercey) November 21, 1940 – Hanover, Ontario


The Mercey Brothers, from Elmira, Ontario, grew up with music, but only started to seriously pursue a professional career together in 1957 as the duo of Larry and Ray Mercey. Their first hit, ‘Just The Snap Of Your Fingers’ was in 1961, following their signing to Chateau Records.

In 1966, the third brother, Lloyd joined the group and later that year released, ‘Whistle on the River’ and ‘Uncle Tom’ on Columbia Records, which quickly reached the top of the charts. Their career took off in 1970, when they signed with RCA Records and won the Juno Award for ‘Best Country Group’ four years running (1969-1972). The Mercey Brothers went on to win three more Juno Awards.

In 1971, their hit singles, ‘Hello Mom’ and ‘Who Wrote the Words’ catapulted them to international success, leading to a tour of England and an appearance on BBC Television. They also toured in Holland, Sweden and Finland.

In 1973, the brothers opened their own The Mercey Brothers Recording Studio in Elmira and started their own label, MBS, designed to allow them more control over their sound and product. The label would also become the home of growing country acts Terry Carisse and Marie Bottrell, amongst others.

In 1980, the band shut down their recording facility and later that year, brother Ray left the band.

The remaining Mercey Brothers brought in younger blood in 1981 with George Ogilvie and Darrell Scott, later to be replaced by Dann Peer and Gord Heins, and finally John Dymond and Eric Mahar.

In 1989, after 32 years in the music business, and 18 albums, The Mercey Brothers disbanded. Larry went on to a successful solo career, recording another three CDs.