The Wilkinsons

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Country music TV show

Music Genres: Country

20 episode comedy TV series

The Wilkinsons Biography

The Wilkinsons successes include 14 Music Videos, 5 Albums, 20 Singles and a Wilkinson TV Series. They have had Juno award and an award from The Canadian Country Music Association. As well as a Grammy nomination.

Hailing from Trenton, Quinte West, Ontario The Wilkinsons were a Canadian Country Music Trio.The group was made up of Amanda Wilkinson as the lead singer, her brother Tyler Wilkinson,and their father, Steve Wilkinson.

A 20 episode, comedy series “The Wilkinsons” is a hilarious ten part fictional “reality” show,following the lives of Canadian Country music stars, “The Wilkinsons”. “The show was nominated for “Special Country Music Program” of the year at the Canadian Country Music Awards.

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